My orthopedic practice exists since 1993 and has conservative and operative focuses. The operations take place for outdoor patients at Iatros Klinik, Nymphenburgerstr. 1. Stationary patients are treated at the Schreiber Klinik, Scheinerstr. 3.

Studies, Training and Experience

Following my studies in Mainz and Munich, I engaged in my education and training in orthopedics at Aukammklinik Wiesbaden and Orthopaedic Universitätsklinik Friedrichsheim Frankfurt. In Frankfurt am Main I obtained my approbation to practice as a specialist in orthopedics, as well as the recognition to specialize in Rheumatics. In addition, I completed a specialization in Sports Traumatology. I was subsequently employed as a senior doctor at the Sportklinik Stuttgart, supporting Prof. Steinbrück and Prof. Habermeyer. At this specialist clinic for sports injuries I was able to gain a greater depth of knowledge with regard to knee and shoulder surgery.
Since that time,I have been a member of

  • the German Association of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery
  • the German Association for Arthroscopy
  • the German Society for Foot Surgery and
  • the Society of German Rheumatologists.

My orthopedic practice opened in central Munich at Prinzregentenstrasse 54 in 1993. As of July 2006, my service has also expanded to the south of Munich. The entrance you find at Luitpoltweg opposite of Cafe Fischer/Hölzl. An ideal place and easy to get there. No parking fees at parking lots in Schlossstrasse and Rathausstrasse. For public transport use tram line 25 to final station (Derbolfinger Platz Grünwald). Walk on for 50 meters straight ahead and you reach the entrance of the practice.

Additional Specialist Services

    • Arthroscopic and open surgery on shoulders, knees, elbows and ankles
    • Arthroscopic cruciate ligament replacement
    • Diverse forefoot surgical procedures in young and older patients
    • Rheumatic surgical procedures: Synovectomy and joint replacement
    • Endoprothesis in knee joints
    • Traumatology: fractures, torn ligaments, osteosyntheses
    • Neurolysis for nerve entrapment syndrome: sulcus ulnaris, tarsal and carpal tunnel syndrome

Additional important information

    • Job title: Medical Doctor / Physician
    • Relevant Representative Organization: Bayerische Landesärztekammer
    • Approbation received from: Freistaat Bayern
    • Approved by qualitymanagement-certification DIN ISO 9001 since 2008
    • The Bavarian Medical Association’s professional code of conduct is accessible at