Golf Medical Coach

The golf swing is complex and difficult. Out of that reason it always has to be controlled and practised.

Golf Medical Coach

Its base are painfree muscles in good condition. The result should be a controlled strike in the middle of the fairway with a respectable length.

The target is control of your swing!

Therefore I was qualified  and can correct you  by using the free-release method. Of course orthopedic dysfunctions and diseases are of influence for  your individual golf swing and must be considered.

Let me know why you feel uncomfortable and let us discover your health problem, cure it and improve your golf swing.

All conservative therapies: DiagnosisPlatelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)Osteoarthritis therapy by cartilage revitalizingPhysiotherapy and ChiropracticGolf Medical CoachNeural therapyOrthopaedic technical supportElectroneurotherapy InterXShock wave therapyMagnetic field therapyOsteoporosis therapyKinesiotaping and Mesotherapy.

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