Mesotherapy had been invented by the french doctor M. Pistor starting from 1960. Into the middle (meso) layer

of the skin primarily natural healing drugs are placed. Due to : little amount- seldom – at the right point, the micro injections are applied into the skin.
The fine stich triggers a stimulation, an impulse, a dilation of the vessels and a higher nerve activity. Now follows the superficial, soft infiltration of drugs. Today a widespread and popular method, because it is almost painfree. The dermis has a high storage capacity for drugs and a fast uptake because of intense microcirculation.

Mesotherapy proves to be effective in rheumatologic diseases and osteoarthritis, back pain, neuralgias, disturbed blood circulation, migraine and most of our complaints and stress overload caused by sport activities followed by irritation of important body functions.

According to the disease varies the application of homeopathic remedies, vitamins, orthomolecular substances, minerals and local anaesthetics.

All conservative therapies: DiagnosisPlatelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)Osteoarthritis therapy by cartilage revitalizingPhysiotherapy and ChiropracticGolf Medical CoachNeural therapyOrthopaedic technical supportElectroneurotherapy InterXShock wave therapyMagnetic field therapyOsteoporosis therapyKinesiotaping and Mesotherapy.

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