Neural therapy

Back pain is just a remark and needs further clarification.Reasons can be weak and  shortened  muscles. Wrong posture can cause chronic pain. Is there already an entrapment at the spinal cord by disc degeneration or osteoarthritis of the facet joints?
By exact evaluated patient history and the results of all necessary investigations your diagnosis will be determined  precisely .

Now treatment is applied individually according the step-by-step-strategy. And – conservative treatment usually will be successful!

Physiotherapy starts. Often combined by controlled paravertebral injections of the facet joints or by nerve root blockage.As  next step the epidural catheter according the technique of Professor Racz can reduce effectively the pressure on sciatic nerve fibers. And only if all these conservative methods bring no improvement of the disease an operation, endoscopic or open, will be discussed.

All conservative therapies: DiagnosisPlatelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)Osteoarthritis therapy by cartilage revitalizingPhysiotherapy and ChiropracticGolf Medical CoachNeural therapyOrthopaedic technical supportElectroneurotherapy InterXShock wave therapyMagnetic field therapyOsteoporosis therapyKinesiotaping and Mesotherapy.

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