Orthopaedic technical support

Here I would like to say  thank you to the Orthofit company downtown Munich  for the  competent supply

with orthotechnical products and the good cooperation for more than a decade. Bandages of all manufactors are available. Insoles can  be constructed by computer programms on a running belt. Also postoperative care by continous passive motion bars is included. Special interest on children foot problems and its correct fitting of individual shoes and insoles.

All conservative therapies: DiagnosisPlatelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)Osteoarthritis therapy by cartilage revitalizingPhysiotherapy and ChiropracticGolf Medical CoachNeural therapyOrthopaedic technical supportElectroneurotherapy InterXShock wave therapyMagnetic field therapyOsteoporosis therapyKinesiotaping and Mesotherapy.

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