Osteoarthritis therapy by cartilage revitalizing

The cartilage covers the bone of all our joints. By injuries, axis deviation,wrong posture and

extense sport activities or simply by degeneration according to age, the layer of the cartilage is reduced, fractured and weak. This condition is described as chondromalacia and leads to the disease of joint osteoarthritis.

Many drugs exist in the market and promise amazing effects. Mostly followed by a sad dissapointment. The last decades I have specialised  in conservative therapy using biomolecular drugs of the German Vitorgan company. After having treated patients for so long I am absolutely convinced about the ingenious effect of  these drugs.It is of no importance, if the affected joints are located at the spine as facet joints or at legs or arms. All joints take advantage at every state of soft cartilage disease (chondromalacia) by these controlled injections.

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