Osteoporosis therapy

An intensified bone dissolving and a reduced bone growing lead to osteoporosis. The bone becomes

porous and fragile. The control of bone mineralisation works by hormons and is enlarged by activities. Especially during and after menopause the bone mineralisation decreases. Because the loss of bone stays without symptoms for a long time, early detection and prevention is of major importance.

Measuring the bone density delivers results for decision and diagnosis. According to the findings I establish an individual training program for you, combined with a monitored consumption of calcium, vitamin D and additional drugs.

All conservative therapies: DiagnosisPlatelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)Osteoarthritis therapy by cartilage revitalizingPhysiotherapy and ChiropracticGolf Medical CoachNeural therapyOrthopaedic technical supportElectroneurotherapy InterXShock wave therapyMagnetic field therapyOsteoporosis therapyKinesiotaping and Mesotherapy.

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