Very often overstress of wrist and finger joints play a large role in causing hand disorders. The joints and tendons develop continual irritation. Often small, filled cysts known as ganglia are formed.

These ganglia can be punctured, brought to burst under pressure and, if recurring, surgically removed. Conservative orthopaedics is preferred in dealing with osteoarthritis of the mid and end finger joints (knuckles) and also for the base of the hand and the wrist in rheumatics. Infiltration with biological cartilage stimulating drugs has proven useful. We have also had excellent results from the implementation of magnetic fields.

Bone injuries in the hand require the use of the AO-mini-Instruments for osteosyntheses. We carry out these surgical procedures with the aid of our image converter to allow immediate evaluation. Nerves can also be impinged in the wrist and forearm – most commonly the N. medianus condition, requiring division of the carpal tunnel. Last, but not least, a mention must be made of the Dupuytren’s contracture. The increasing contraction of the palm necessitates the removal of palmar connective tissue in order to restore mobility and free movement of the hand. Very disturbing are entrapments of the ring ligaments of a single finger flexion tendon. In extreme cases a “snapping finger” occurs. The ring ligaments are infiltrated using biological drugs and if necessary released.



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